Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seinfeld - The Show About Nothing

To be honest, Seinfeld may be one of the best sitcoms in he world! My family owns the all but the last season on DVD. Zach and I used to watch them constantly during my 8th and 9th grade years. It was always a blast to just sit down with family and watch a show about nothing!

Over Christmas I got my mom the Scene It - Seinfeld edition DVD game. We brought it up to California to our cousins place where we spent the extended Christmas weekend and we got many adults and teens to play. After several minutes of playing the game and laughing with relatives, memories flooded back of the more simple times when Seinfeld was a great part of my life! I'm sure my Seinfeld-addicted cousins Brendon and Connor would agree with me that it still is a great show to watch!

I think they might have gotten myself and my brother hooked on that show. Come to think of it they got us hooked on a lot of shows! Lost, The Office, Family Guy, Seinfeld....... well thank you guys so much for doing that to us!

I wonder what my life without Seinfeld would have been like............................................... probably not that different actually, i'd just be missing out on Seinfeld jokes (puffy shirt, Seven, "NO SOUP FOR YOU!, etc.). Come to think of it, that would be sad not to be in on those jokes. So either way, I would have gotten around to becoming a fan.

Anyways, I'm glad Seinfeld is part of my life. And I'm glad that, because of my Christmas experience, I'm watching the show more often now. 

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