Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Eagle Scout

Hello everybody who stumbled upon this blog. I decided to make a blog of my own now, as there is a growing popularity in both blogs and Facebook. I think my purpose for this blog might be to either rant, speak about what's on my mind, tell about my day, updates, etc. etc. I'll most likely just chime in whenever something in those categories pop up.

Today would be one of those days. Update for those haven't heard: I received my Eagle Scout certificate in the mail the day before New Years Eve!!!! It's most definitely on the top of my greatest accomplishments list!
---Flashback to June 2007.... I chose to my Eagle Project by serving the Andre House, a soup kitchen and transition home site in Phoenix, AZ. The Andre House is where many of the homeless men, women, and children around the area go to so they can get a hot meal, use showers, rent out lockers, attend Mass, etc. In the past, I've done service with my own family and my mom's side of the family with the Andre House by donating socks to the less fortunate on Christmas Day. I chose to partake in serving the Andre House again, but instead of socks, I wanted to collect 10,000 bottles of water for the kitchen so that they could distribute them to the homeless. I met with the volunteer supervisor, Teresa, and she approved of my project idea! Between then and mid-September, I worked on filling out paperwork, passing out flyers to neighborhoods, receiving donations from grocery stores, and getting the proper signatures on my Eagle Worksheet. September 22, 2007, with the help of my fellow Scout brethren, Church leaders, and some family, we went around the neighborhoods and collected over 6,000 bottles of water! Between then and mid-December, I continued to call stores and neighbors, asking them to help donate. My mom and I, along with different Scouts (who needed service hours anyways) made multiple drop offs at the kitchen during that time. December 22 rolls along and after many, many hours of hard work, we passed our goal, hitting a grand total of 10,054 bottles! We made our final visit to the Andre House and felt relieved that the project itself was complete!
---Flashfoward to November 2008.... both procrastination and paperwork were completed and on November 13, I was interviewed by the Eagle Board and they approved of my rewarding project and sent my application to the Scouting HQ in Texas, I believe. Because of the holiday season, the package with the certificate came after Christmas but I think it was a perfect way to end of 2008 with its arrival in the mail! Now on to planning the Eagle Court of Honor.....

So yeah that's my update for the day. Hope your day is going exuberant! I'll catch you next time!


  1. Your blog is shaping up to be just like Lost, Nick. (What with the FB and the FF, you know, get it?)

    Gotta love that paperwork. So you haven't had the Court of Honor yet?

  2. Aiming for CoH on my bday Feb 8 lol it's on a sunday so why not =)