Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

Hope everyone had a fun April Fool's Day! I managed to mess with a few peoples' heads and maybe you did too!

So today and tomorrow is AIMS testing and as a junior who already passes the tests, I had the privilege to sit in an auditorium for 3 hours and learn about the effects of drinking and driving. It was a good assembly but there was really no need for it to be 3 hours long. And also, there was no need for any juniors to be at school today! Pretty much every school, except for ours and most likely Higley High, had a half day and juniors and seniors were exempt from coming to school if they passed the AIMS already. Several of my cousins from other schools were able to stay home all day, which got me a bit upset that we couldn't have the same deal. Many of my friends at school ditched school because they passed the AIMS and saw no point coming for school. They're pretty smart and it's interesting that our district fails to see that. Whatever.

Tennis is going well. We're 5-2 now and doing great! I'm enjoying the season a lot and can't believe the season finishes in 3 weeks. Hopefully we do well the rest of the season and dominate in Regionals!

On a side note, I've got some songs planned out to play that I will post up on Youtube once I find the time to do so. I've gotten many requests that I should try singing as well.....

Well that's everything for now. Talk to you guys later!