Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break and the Times Before...

As titled, this entry is about my current spring break and the few weeks that led to it. It's been a lot to deal with!

So the tennis season so far is going smoothly. Our first home match vs. Tempe was postponed due to our coach having a sudden migrain (sp?), so the game is now set for the beginning of April. Instead, our first game was an away game against Seton Catholic, one of the best teams in our district. Being the first game and everything, many of us, especially the newcomers to the sport, were really nervous, so playing against one of the top schools probably wasn't the best thing. We then had an away game at Queen Creek where, as coach said, Cameron, Hayden, and myself played one of our best matches. For me the score was pretty much tied the whole way through til the very end where I lost by only 2 points! The game went on for an hour and a half! Then we had a doubles game with my partner Thomas directly afterwards. I could tell there were some good blisters starting to form =P

It was a very exhausting match of tennis, followed by church basketball vs. our ward's big time sports rival, Fairview Ward. After losing the game by 4 points, it turned out that while playing, I stretched a muscle or two near my Achilles Tendon and it was hard and painful for me to walk around the next two to three days. Because of this, I was unable to participate in tennis practice and instead, I spent my time sitting on the courts with an ice pack strapped to my leg. I was bummed out that I couldn't practice but luckily everything is good now and I'm able to walk around with no pain. Now my tennis team and I can look forward to no practice this week, but once school starts up again, we have 4 straight games in a row, Tuesday through Friday! Monday will be a brutal practice...

It's hard to express how great not having school right now is other than =D. With all of the projects that were assigned during the 3rd quarter, it's so great to just sit back and rest. The quarter-long, 12-paged college paper that I blogged about a few posts back received a 94%! I'm happy to see that all my hard work payed off in the end and I'm so relieved that the assignment is no longer hanging over me anymore! 3 quarters down, 1 more to go, and then it's senior year! I'm so excited for that time of my life!

So now with spring break finally here, I can finally take a much needed chill pill and just relax. This week my folks, along with my dad's parents, are touring the sites of New Zealand! I'm so excited for them to go to pretty much the other side of the world and see what's all there. A little back story on that.... my grandad went on his mission to New Zealand and has wanted to go back and visit the sites as soon as he could. Now being at retirement, he's able to! He and my grandma were excited to go but were more delighted when my parents offered to come along. But how were my parents able to afford this experience??? Turns out they had so many flight reward points saved up that they were able to go to New Zealand without paying anything! I should start saving up those points so I can go places! So with them gone, it's me, Zach, and Emily at home, with the homes of various uncles and aunts we're spending the nights at. I can't wait for my parents to come home next Sunday and tell us of their high-caliber adventures!

This week also, Zach is going with his Teacher's Quorum on a 3-day camping trip to Aravaipa, a switch-back canyon trail! He's not able to tell me much of the details right now but once he gets back I'll have him spill the beans.

So that's about it for now. Hope everyone that is on spring break has a great one! I'll be in touch later!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update Coming Soon

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